Case Study :

“Lilian is part of our Wednesday group and is someone who the care home have assessed as having high levels of social isolation and very low wellbeing. She spends the majority of each day in her room alone on her bed as she chooses not to socialise with the other residents or engage in other activities. Most days she chooses not to get dressed and stays in her pyjamas. But Lilian is always asking staff which day she will be speaking to the nursery children. Every Wednesday morning she’s up, dressed and sat with the other residents in the lounge ready and waiting for the session. She spends time chatting with the other residents beforehand and then is actively engaged with the children throughout. Afterwards, Lilian will spend another hour with the other group members having a cup of tea and talking about the children and what they’ve done together. Staff say she’s far more sociable, engaged during the sessions and her motivation is much higher on Wednesdays.”

As Sasha says herself: “It’s so lovely to see the children. They just make you feel better.”