Connecting The Old & Young To Shine Brighter Together

Brighter Together brings together older adults with Early Years children for regular, structured, activity based sessions.  These are proven to have mutual benefit to wellbeing whilst also supporting the development of the children.

Why Do We Do It ?

Intergenerational connections improve wellbeing, life chances and improve social cohesion.

Our Solution

Brighter Together has a unique and tested method of creating these valuable connections for maximum benefit.

Our Impact

Don't just take our word for how beneficial the programme is, have a look at our stats and case studies.

Hours of sessions celivered
Early years children participated
Care home residents participated

Why Are Intergenerational Connections Important?


Societal shifts over the last 30 years have led to more dispersed families


People are more isolated. There is a rise in the number of older people living in care homes.

Children have far fewer regular interactions with those over 65 years.

Long Term Effects

40% of care home residents are suffering from depression. The major cause of depression is lack of opportunity for meaninful activity & social isolation.

These children are proven to be at a disadvantage in terms of:

  1. 1)  confidence
  2. 2)  communication skills
  3. 3)  concentration
  4. 4)  school readiness

Our Solution

Designed by Experts

Our sessions are designed with input from an Advisory Board. This board consists of a range of experts from fields including Occupational Therapy, dementia care, physiotherapy and Early Years education

Session Structure

Each session is based on the approach of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy which has well documented success in improving and maintaining cognitive functioning for older adults.

Bespoke Training

Pre-school practitioners leading or supporting the sessions alongside our Brighter Together Session Facilitators, are provided with professional training on how best to engage with older people, working in the care home environment and accredited dementia training..

Community Involvement

Our activities build up to a celebratory end of term event to showcase the work of the group to family, friends and staff. This is an essential part of including the wider community, bringing a much wider range of people into the care home.

Brighter Together gives care home residents a valuable purpose. By bringing children into their lives on a regular basis, they are able to share in their development. Both children & older people delight in the opportunity to form meaningul relationships leading to improved wellbeing for everyone.