What we do

Brighter Together brings together older adults with Early Years children for regular, structured, activity based sessions. These are proven to have mutual benefit to wellbeing whilst also supporting the development of the children.

Why we do it

Brighter Together is an intergenerational charity, bringing together older people with Early Years children for regular, activity-based sessions.   These are proven to have mutual benefit to wellbeing whilst also supporting the development of the children.


Spending time engaged in meaningful activities in intergenerational groups has proven benefits to wellbeing of participants.

Life Chances

Children's life chances are improved through regular interaction with those over 65.

Social Cohesion

Intergenerational learning encourages greater understanding and respect between the generations and helps to bridge the 'generational divide'.

UK society is increasingly age segregated and there are stark and concerning generational gaps creating more social isolation and less social cohesion.

Loneliness and depression is on the rise and the proportion of over 70’s experiencing depression has doubled since the start of the pandemic.  The leading cause of depression is social isolation and lack of purposeful activity.

We also know that children have less opportunity to have regular connections with over 65’s, putting them at a disadvantage in terms of:

1) Confidence 

3) Concentration

2) Communication skills

4) School readiness

Our Mission

Brighter Together gives socially isolated older people a valuable purpose. By bringing children into their lives on a regular basis, they share and support their development. Both the children and older people delight in the opportunity to form meaningful relationships, leading to improved wellbeing for everyone.

Our Vision

The UK is a society where every setting caring for older adults has a regular connection with children.

Our Programme

Designed by Experts

Our sessions are designed with input from an Advisory Board. This board consists of a range of experts from fields including Occupational Therapy, dementia care, physiotherapy and Early Years education


Each session is based on the approach of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy which has well documented success in improving and maintaining cognitive functioning in older adults.

Professionally-led Sessions

Our team of Session Facilitators are trained in intergenerational learning and are skilled practitioners and facilitators who lead the sessions and engage each participant to get the most out of our programme.

Involving The Community

The activities build up to a celebratory end of term event to showcase the work of the group to friends, family and staff. This is an essential part of including the community, bringing a much wider range of people a into the setting caring for older people.

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7  Dec, 2021

Christmas joy & festive cheer shared through care home window

This term culminated in a wonderful Christmas celebration and party through the window of Nightingale House care home on 4th December.